Organic Constitution Teaching Series

This extensive teaching series was created and presented by Jack and Margy Flynn in association with the producers, Mel and Amber Carmine, all of whom have all priority rights to this series. They make this series available to the general public for educational purposes only. The material contained in the series may not be altered, changed, or abridged in any way, whatsoever, nor used for commercial or monetary purposes. Our intent in providing this teaching series is to awaken the American people and the people of the world to the frightening fact that Communism has taken over America, with cooperation from domestic-enemy-public-officer-traitors holding office at all levels of all governments. The American people must realize that only the people can stop Communism, so they must accept their duties and responsibilities as the keepers of freedom to oppose and stop this insidious threat before it totally destroys America and any semblance of freedom on this Earth. America must again become the shining beacon of light and freedom for this world, as was intended long ago.

Jack and Margy Flynn recently completed a two-week teaching series on the original organic Constitution for the united states of America, circa 1787 as amended in 1791 with The Bill of Rights, and the enormous beneficial ramifications this supreme Law of the Land has for the American people. This teaching series clearly demonstrates how the American people can apply the POWER AND AUTHORITY of this Constitution against unConstitutional corporate communist criminal “governments” operating throughout this nation at all levels. The full series and follow-ups will be available on Mel Carmine’s website, Jack and Margy have been teaching this to the American people for the past six decades and their Constitutional Methods have been used by large numbers of people across America with great success to win true victories against errant governments and corporations, both in and out of court.

When Jack and Margy first answered this calling, as individuals, over six decades ago, and then thirty years ago, as a couple, their intent was to educate the people about the power and authority of the true Constitution to begin the road back to genuine Constitutional governance in this nation. However, Americans were not concerned about their nation but were definitely concerned about themselves and their own personal issues. Because of the enormous level of treason that has taken place in America over the past 150-plus years, and specifically, within the last 3 years, their objective is to help the American people help their own nation, and in so doing, help themselves and their families and friends. At his presidential inauguration, JFK said: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” This is the basis of what Jack and Margy are saying in this teaching series. The American people must put aside their individual issues and focus on saving their great country by taking her back from the communists who unlawfully overtook her long ago.

The late Nikita Khrushchev, the former leader of the Soviet Union, spoke before the United Nations in 1959 and made this dire prophecy: “We will take America without firing a shot … We will bury you.”

“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.” “We do not have to invade the United States; we will destroy you from within. America will fall into our lap like an over-ripened plum.”

What Khrushchev predicted has come true and whether you realize this or not, America is now a communist nation operated by a corporate communist “U.S. government” operating out of the corporate city-state of the District of Columbia.

If the past 3 years have not proven this ugly fact to you, then, if you have any love for America and for your family, friends and the future of all Americans, you might take an objective look at the actual existing realities that control this nation. Jack and Margy only want to deal with true, genuine Americans who love their country and want to take her back from the communists who so cleverly, insidiously, and ruthlessly stole her right under the eyes and noses of the American people. Those who are only interested in themselves and their personal issues and agenda need not even bother them. America needs brave, aware people who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Every “government” in this nation, federal, state, county, and local, is part of the problem and is in fact the main problem. None of these corporate “governments” uphold the organic Constitution, but each-and-every one upholds and enforces the evil tenets of communism and The Communist Manifesto upon their own people. For the American people not to have recognized this and not to have done anything to lawfully stop it is a total indictment of the American people.

This teaching series provides the American people with an opportunity to lawfully and effectively use the power and the authority of the original organic Constitution against the enormous evil and unconstitutional communist corporate “governments” operating in this country, lawfully remove them from power, and restore Constitutional competence and justice to this nation. The hour is late and this is the last chance for the American people to step up and save their country. Anyone who is truly aware of the dire threat facing America from communism should welcome the opportunity to learn how to step up and lawfully save her.

A brief description of each teaching episode follows. There are eight videos in this series. Video 6A is day six and video 6B is day seven.

Video 1 - Course Intro

Introduction to the Teaching Course, what it will entail, and how the American people can use the power and authority of the Constitution against corrupt unconstitutional governments to claim and exercise their rights and be victorious. The concentration is upon the people’s inherent rights secured in the original organic Constitution of 1787 as amended with the Bill of Rights in 1791 and how governments at all levels, federal, state and local, routinely and consistently violate those rights millions of times each and every day.

  • Since most Americans are totally unfamiliar with their inherent rights and due process of law guaranteed in the original organic Constitution, Jack and Margy discuss court cases that clearly reveal how corporate governments un-Constitutionally condone violations of the people’s inherent Constitutionally-secured rights and due process of law and how “government” routinely violates The Bill of Rights and the Articles of the Constitution, without the Constitutional authority to do so.
  • Federal and state court cases presented to show the absolutely unconstitutional condoning of courts, judges and attorneys engaging in prosecutorial misconduct as a custom, practice, and policy. Cases involve knowingly prosecuting innocent Citizens for alleged crimes that were never committed, allowing prosecutors to suborn perjury, and exclude exculpatory evidence. Other cases and statutes that “allow” judges, prosecutors and attorneys to receive “cash awards” for prosecuting Citizens are discussed.
  • Explanation of Article VI, Clauses 2 & 3, “The Supremacy Clause”, which declares the national Constitution as the “supreme Law of the Land” and imposes Constitutional mandates upon all oath takers to uphold the Constitution as the supreme Law.
  • Explanation of Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment, by which oath takers vacate office upon perjury of oath and forfeit all benefits of office, including salary and pension.
  • Explanation of Article I, Section 1, in which all legislative authority is vested only in Congress, and not delegated to the Executive and Judicial Branches, and definitely not delegated to government agencies and private corporations.



Video 2 - State National

Explanation of the term “State National”, as opposed to an “American Citizen”, pursuant to the inherent, unalienable Rights secured to the people in our original organic Constitution of 1787 as amended in 1791.

- Easy, direct presentation of the differences between the above two positions and full explanation regarding them.

- Importance of personal responsibility.

- Explanations of what Jack and Margy have done. Original organic Constitution fully discussed.

- Oath to the original Constitution fully discussed.

- Public officials, since 1871, take oaths to the fraudulent corporate CONSTITUTION.

- Imperative for Americans to lawfully claim, exercise, and enforce their rights in America, or they have none.

- A full discussion of Article I, Section 8, Clauses 1 to 17; Article I, Section 9 and Article I, Section 10; the 14th Amendment and the Preamble to the original Constitution.


Video 3 - Article IV

- Full discussion of Article IV and its implications. 

- In-depth discussion of The Bill of Rights and how corporate “governments” routinely violate these rights in blatant defiance of the organic Constitution. 

- Exhibit 12:  Summary of Our Constitutional Methods and full discussion of those methods.


Video 4 - Affidavit Explained

The AFFIDAVIT Explained


Video 5 - Affidavit/Declaration

- Full explanation of Affidavit/Declaration of Truth document. 

- “Constitutional Court Challenges” presented and discussed. 

- Metris v. Edwards case presented and fully discussed. 

- Direct challenges to court presented and fully discussed, in particular, 1A, 1B and 2. 

- Disqualification of judge discussed and explained.


Video 6 - State National versus American Citizen

- Reiteration of State National versus American Citizen discussion. 

- Original organic Constitution of 1787 as amended in 1791, compared to fraudulent, treasonous corporate CONSTITUTION and the treasonous Congress that un-Constitutionally and unlawfully passed it. 

- The “Green Movement” scam discussed and steam engine example presented. 

- Affidavit of Formal Complaint for presentation to law enforcement presented and discussed. 

- Charges made to “government” regarding un-Constitutional actions committed by government officers and government’s responsibility to act upon these charges. 

- Statement that there is no legitimate, lawful Constitutional governance anywhere in America.


Video 7 - Potpourri

- Who and what George Washington actually was and whom he represented – full discussion. 

- Voting process in America is a total scam and has been manipulated and controlled to SELECT those who will hold public office, as dictated by the hidden true rulers. 

- Affidavit Process and Beyond. 

- Un-Constitutional judges and court officers discussed. 

- John F. Kennedy assassination discussed. 

- Domestic enemies unlawfully rule America and what the American people are Constitutionally-empowered and required to do to lawfully stop this treason. 

- Regarding lawsuits, filing Complaints with attached Affidavits supporting charges made in Complaint. 

- Further discussion of Constitutional Court Challenges, 1A, 1B and 2.   

- Corrupt courts discussed. 

- Questions to ask a jury during voir dire.


Video 8 - Deep Dive

- Un-Constitutional corporate “government” controls resulting in loss of rights and freedom for the American people. 

- Requirement for the American people to fully engage in using and applying the power and authority of the original organic Constitution to regain lost rights and restore Constitutionally-compliant government. 

-Discussion of existing un-Constitutional actions and problems in schools at all levels and how the American people can use the power and authority of the original organic Constitution to lawfully retake their schools and lawfully remove the traitors. 

- Discussion of the purported numbers of genders in schools, grooming of children and the push for transgenderism, and what the people need to do to stop this vile exploitation of America’s children. 

- Discussion of the Frankfurt School and how that communist ideology was transferred to Columbia University and to other American universities which resulted in widespread communist indoctrination throughout America’s entire system of academics.   

- Discussion of David Icke who was banned from 26 European countries for speaking truth. 

- Economic Violence and how the communist corporate U.S. “government” has diabolically inflicted that upon the American people. 

- In politics, nothing is left up to chance, everything is decided in advance.

- There are no “heroes” who will swoop out of nowhere to save America.  It is all up to the people and this responsibility has been entrusted to them by true Spirit. 

- America was to be the world’s beacon of freedom, but that noble role was subverted by communism and the traitors within American corporate “governments” and institutions who surreptitiously inserted it into every facet of American life. 

- Full discussion of the implications of the un-Constitutional, duplicitous Section 1 of the 14th Amendment and how that has egregiously affected American Citizens. 

- Additional discussion of the fraudulent 1871 corporate CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, and the treasonous Congresses, presidents and bureaucrats who have maintained it ever since. 

- Discussion of free speech guaranteed in the First Amendment.



Video 9 - Course Summation

- Brief summation of the teaching course. 

- Another discussion of “State National” as opposed to “American Citizen” pursuant to the original organic Constitution and the vital importance of comprehending the difference. 

- Discussion of the odious “New World Order”. 

- Discussion of aerosol spraying and how the deadly ingredients appear in our air, water, soil, and food to contaminate, sicken and kill the people, domestic animals, wildlife and our beautiful green Earth. 

- Discussion of the enormous amount of lies and fairy stories fed to the American people by corporate communist “governments”.   

- Re-discussion of the gravitas of Khrushchev’s statements and how the manifestation of this truth has weakened and devastated America. 

- Corporate agencies of corporate “governments” have no authority under the original organic Constitution. 

- Brief discussion of Alex Jones. 

- Video of Pfizer president speaking before the World Economic Forum bragging about their ability to eliminate 50% of the world’s population by 2023.  

- Audio of Jeff Rense speaking of the huge numbers of people exempted from having to take the Covid jabs, including all branches, divisions and departments of the corporate U.S. GOVERNMENT that is demanding Americans take the risk of killing or permanently injuring themselves and their families by taking the jab. 

- The right to speak freely guaranteed in the First Amendment cannot be denied to the people, to the press and to broadcasters.  

- Intention of this teaching series to ignite a real GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT in America to lawfully rid our nation of all communist corporate “governments” and restore the rule of the supreme Law of the Land and not the un-Constitutional rule of man.  


U.S. Constitution

If you have never read the original American Constitution, don't innerstand the American Constitution of 1787, we highly advise you to start here first before going through the course.

We have both versions available, audiobook and written format so you can follow along. They are verbatim exactly identical. good luck and tell everybody it's time to take our rights back. Join the course 1000% free of charge.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

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