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We would be delighted to bring our constitutional methods seminar to your community. This is an intensive seminar, presenting two full days of material, designed to give you the tools you need to defend yourself against unjust actions or accusations by "the system" and/or to pro-actively take lawful, effective action to stop and correct situations and actions by which governments and corporations are harming, or may harm, the people.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar in your area, please contact us for details on how to do this.


Words of Wisdom to Ponder:

Never forget that a small group of committed Citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead, Renowned Anthropologist.



Other Future Seminars in the planning stages: 


New England Regional Seminar

Chicago, Illinois



     If you would like a seminar in your area or want to attend one in the areas now in consideration, please email us at

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