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Special Announcement - February 27, 2011

Dear Friends,

If you have read our most recent News-Letters, then, you are aware that Margy and I are urging people across this country to make an effort to understand our STOPFED Project, of which the key element is our Alternative Currency Program Proposal. As you know, we fully believe that if any of the three proposals contained in this Project is accepted, this will help save this country, and if all three are accepted, this will begin the road back to Constitutional governance. This Project can restore the political and economic power to the People, thereby, regain for the People their inherent individual and collective sovereignty. This will only happen if the People understand and embrace this Project, then, demand that their legislators implement it.

Attached hereto are two audio files of the two-hour Higher Ground Live radio program we did over, on Tuesday, February 22nd, which fully explain our currency proposal in a conversational manner, and the reasons for it. We also discussed briefly other alternative currency proposals offered by state legislators in at least 11 states, with more likely on the way. Some state officials recognize the absolute need for an alternative currency, because of the extremely tenuous nature of the federal reserve note. When this fiat currency eventual tanks, these states want to have an alternative currency up and running, prior to the crash, so that few, if any, economic downfalls will occur in their states.

We encourage you, your family and friends to listen to these audio files, and if you understand and agree with our proposal, and further, agree with our objectives, please disseminate these audio files to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. All of us know the economic devastation that is pervasive throughout this nation, and most of us know the real reasons for this. If we take no action and allow this long-term political and economic fraud to continue and thereby succeed in orchestrating this long planned crash, with our full knowledge, then, we are part of the problem and not the solution and of the darkness, not the Light. Americans must get off their backsides, off their couches, and definitely off their knees, and take lawful effective action to restore our guaranteed inherent, unlimited, unalienable Constitutionally secured rights. A public, egalitarian, truly fair capitalistic money system, owned and operated by the People, is an excellent start.

Best regards,

Jack and Margy

Access the two audio files- Alternate Currency Proposal


Project to Stop Federal Tyranny Now

Most Americans now realize that there is something awfully wrong with the government, financial and social systems operative in this country - federal, state and local. Most of you reading this are well aware of this truth, but, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of Americans, for generations, had not even the slightest inkling that anything was amiss.

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Seminar and Workshop DVDs

     We are very pleased to announce that, at long last, we have DVDs of some of our prior two-day seminars available for shipping.  These DVDs contain a lot of information given through approximately 16 hours of material:

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado,           

  • El Paso, Texas

  • Sacramento, California

      In addition, we also have DVDs of some of our one day workshops conducted in Albuquerque, which contain approximately 8 to 9 hours of material.

Donation:  Seminar DVDs - $75.00, each, postpaid. 

     Workshop DVDs - $35.00, postpaid.

For more information on ordering DVDs, please click on the Order Button below.

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