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Welcome to Citizens of the American Constitution web site.  Because the Constitution is the Supreme Law of this land, and was written by the Sovereign People for the Sovereign People and created a government intended to serve the Sovereign, namely, We, The People, pursuant to oaths taken by public officers and officials to uphold and support the Constitution, we openly discuss this egalitarian Masterpiece of humane law and Human Rights, and we welcome your comments and questions.  Many people justifiably complain about wide-spread and extensive abuses by government and our courts against the People, but do little about it.  Complaints remain as complaints until EFFECTIVE ACTION is taken to resolve the problems government creates. 

           We have taken effective action and have won well over 250 cases in New Mexico courts, a near 100% victory record, and will share our Constitutionally based procedures and methods with those interested.  We speak for ourselves before court and are not represented by attorneys.  Government, corporations, banks and attorneys voraciously oppose unrepresented Citizens in court and do everything possible, legally and otherwise, against them.  Most of them oppose all that for which the Citizen stands, including the Constitution.  Citizens’ pleadings and evidence are usually ignored, dismissed and ridiculed, and because of this organized and entrenched opposition, there appears to be no way in which the Citizen can win.  We are based in the Constitution, and we win despite that entrenched opposition.  Our direct and simple Constitutionally based methods can be used by Citizens everywhere to achieve similar results and make effective changes in your own local governments, courts and communities.

           Our purpose in discussing this treasured document is to inform the People of this Nation about their Constitution, the powers of and Rights guaranteed therein, and how most “public servants” in government today view, and most of the time ignore and pervert the Supreme Law of this Land.  In fact, what we hope to achieve is to open the door to a new frontier for America – TRUTH – by offering links to a variety of useful information covering subjects of interest and importance to every Citizen of this Nation.

Jack & Margy Flynn