Constitutional Affidavit for Governor

Constitutional Affidavit

I, [Name of Governor], hereby publicly execute this Constitutional Affidavit of my own free will, without reservation, coercion or duress.

As Governor for the People, I firmly believe that I must, and hereby demonstrate by this Affidavit, that I will abide by my oath in the performance of my official duties; thus, uphold both the national and state Constitutions, all laws made pursuant thereto, act only within the lawful scope of my Constitutionally delegated authority and faithfully uphold the Public Trust.

Those who serve in governments in this nation have gone astray and have forsaken the basic principles upon which America was founded. I will reestablish America’s original principles, as set forth in our founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America, circa 1787, as amended with the Bill of Rights in 1791. To that end, I hereby attest that I will reaffirm the referenced Constitution , as the Supreme Law of the Land, pursuant to Article VI of that document, and the Maine Constitution as the governing Law of Maine, and I will uphold all averments and affirmations made herein.

As governor and chief executive of Maine, with the duty to ensure that all valid laws are faithfully executed, I will require that the Constitutions be faithfully upheld by all Maine public officers, elected or appointed and, further, ensure that no governmental actions, of any type, will ever supersede Rights guaranteed to the People in the referenced national and state Constitutions. All governmental actions, executive, legislative and judicial, and all bills, legislative acts, statutes, rules and regulations must specifically comply with the Constitutions, or they are null and void, without lawful force or effect upon the People.

To ensure that my administration acts in accordance with this nation’s founding principles, and only with the consent of the governed, I will require all government officers, whether elected or appointed, pursuant to their lawfully required oaths, to publicly execute a similar Constitutional Affidavit to assure the People of Maine that these public officers will uphold their oaths in the performance of their official duties, abide by all Constitutional mandates, and faithfully uphold the Public Trust. Since the Constitutional Affidavit reaffirms the oath, then, any public officers who refuse to publicly execute Constitutional Affidavits would be removed from office.

I, [Name of Governor], hereby make these statements in this publicly executed Constitutional Affidavit to the People of Maine to demonstrate that, I will serve only with the consent of the governed, uphold the Constitutions, the Rights of the People guaranteed therein, and faithfully serve the best interests of the People of Maine. If I violate my oath or this Constitutional Affidavit, in any way, and/or if it can be proven that I have done so, I shall immediately resign, and/or allow the People to remove me from office, without my protest or objection.


Name of Governor, Affiant

Notary Statement

State of Maine


County of

On____________________, 2010, the above named personally appeared before me and signed this document of his own free will.


Name of Notary Public

My Commission Expires: _____________________



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