To order our Sacramento or other DVDs, the donation is $75.00.  Please send this to:
             Jack and Margy Flynn
             c/o P.O. Box 292
             Bingham, Maine [04920]

Many people find the Metris v. Edwards CD very informative and useful, since it contains all of Margy’s court filings used to win that case.  Explanations accompany each filing, which fully detail what we did and why we did it.  The donation for this CD is $25.00.

The Seminar we presented in Sacramento in February of 2007 is one, which we feel contains as much relevant, on-target, Constitutional material as we could possibly present in a two-day seminar.  In addition, the quality of audio and video of this recorded seminar is one of the best, to date.  Thanks to the kindness and generosity of a fellow patriot, who has the technology to compress four disks into one, we can now offer this DVD on a single disk for a donation of $75.

Even if you have already attended one of our live seminars, this DVD will allow you to review the material presented, time and time again, in the comfort of your home.  This will enhance and increase your learning of this important material enormously.  For those who have not yet attended one of our seminars, we encourage folks to attend a live seminar as well, not only for our presentation, but also for the opportunity the seminars afford for meeting like-minded people with whom to network for the common good.

If you would like to have us come to present a seminar in your area, please email us at:



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Project to Stop Federal Tyranny Now

Update Alternate Currency Proposal

Jack and Margy did a two-hour radio program regarding all
aspects of their Alternative Currency Proposal.

This includes why gold and silver should not be used as backing for an alternative currency and why the state bank proposals being considered by some states is not a good idea. The link to that two-hour radio program is below.






Margy & Jack

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