Lucille Offiler Beats IRS - Florida Judge Cancels IRS Lien

 A few weeks ago I wrote to you of the case of Lucille Offiler . Now I send you the final update, a copy of the actual order canceling her lien that I did not include in the original message.

 To refresh your memory, Lucille sued in Florida Circuit Court to require the IRS to show cause why their fraudulent Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) should not be canceled because of fraud.  
 True to form, the Department of Justice attempted to remove the case to U.S. District Court. The state court judge ignored the ploy and ordered the IRS to show cause. The IRS failed to show up. The judge issued the order to cancel the NFTL. Now the NFTL no longer exists, and neither does the associated lien.

 One of my correspondents, Steve Ankeny, has grown to respect the IRS so much because he believes people cannot win against the IRS with straightforward claims of fraud and abuse. Whenever he writes to me I feel as though someone just threw a wet blanket on the campfire to ruin
 the party. He seems to love to tell how traditional arguments have no legal standing or won't hold water in court, and I love pointing out that only has truth in a kangaroo court. This case proves the unsoundness and
 lack of courage in Steve's understandable cynicism.

 This case joins a growing spectrum of lawsuits that beat the IRS because they'd rather not show up than to get their fraudulent arguments destroyed in open court. Perhaps in time they will figure out how to corrupt our state judges as they have federal judges, but until then, we can enjoy wins like that of the courageous, and now lien-free, Lucille

 N ow, I have attached her court papers, but you should go read them on line for yourself, just to prove to yourself that they exist:

 Click on the link Osceola Recorders Office, then click on "guest access", then in the left column, then select "document search", then again in the left column, select "name", and then type in "Offiler, Lucille", and  click on "go". Then click on item #5, and on the next screen in the left column, click on "image" and it will bring up the recorded document.

 I have sent this to some yahoo groups, but they do not archive attachments. If you want the attachments in the future, join my personal outflow list by using the Lawmen list links below. Broadcast this message far and wide. It serves as proof that you can beat the IRS and get their liens canceled if you follow in Lucille Offiler's steps.

 Especially, send this to your local County Clerk and County Attorney.
 They need to know that the IRS corrupts them by inveigling them into recording fraudulent Notices of Federal Tax Lien ( NFTLs) submitted by fraudulent IRS Agents who have no authority to enforce collections.
 Clerks need to see that they cause the breakdown in Due Process rights guaranteed by state and US constitutions because of their lack of professional diligence in holding the IRS accountable for efforts to defraud the court and steal property from county residents under the color of law. Maybe this will cause them to stop and ask "Why doesn't the IRS defend the alleged Liens in State Court?" and maybe that inquiry will lead them to the natural, logical conclusion: IRS fraud. 


 Have a great day - Richard C. MacDonald

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